What we're doing

ACES is affiliated with a talented group of Dominican health and medical professionals who regularly commit to day-long health outreaches in remote communities. Each American service group teams up with these professionals to facilitate a scheduled outreach to provide basic health consultations, dental care, HIV/AIDS and diabetes testing, pharmaceuticals, counseling and family planning services. More than 500 patients are seen on a typical outreach day.

ACES also regularly sends health and dental supplies donated from generous US individuals and groups, and hosts US medical and health professionals interested in making a difference as they volunteer at outreaches and in communities.

Why we're doing it

We realize that before people can invest in education or productive self-sustaining business ventures, they must have their immediate health needs met. The Dominican healthcare system, at best, serves those residing in urban areas. Citizens in rural environments have no access to even basic medical or dental services, which significantly impact their quality of life.

We firmly believe that investing in healthcare not only addresses a basic human right, but that it also allows the hardworking Dominican people to invest in their, and their children’s, futures.

Why: Immediate health concerns are a priority

We realize that before people can even think about educating themselves and starting businesses, they need to have their immediate health concerns met.

What: Clinics, doctors, nurses, and dentists

ACES provides monetary and personnel support to communities in the DR. We sponsor clinics with medical equipment and supplies. We organize doctors, nurses, and dentists to volunteer their time in the clinics.

How: Providing medical supplies and personnel