ACES, an acronym for Advancing Communities by Educating and Serving is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that works tirelessly to improve the lives of impoverished people in the Dominican Republic.

We realize that eliminating poverty will not be accomplished by just one method, so we don't limit ourselves by having a narrowly constrained formula for helping communities in the DR. Rather, through our connections on the ground in the Dominican Republic, we work to build rapport with communities and identify their most pressing needs. Then we design solutions to solve these needs in a sustainable manor. While we realize the necessity of temporary relief at times, we primarily focus on sustainable solutions that will eliminate poverty and improve the standard of living for the long-term.



Our vision is that people and communities who have limited resources will have the opportunities to improve their quality of life through efforts such as education, health initiatives, and entrepreneurial programs. We believe that this will positively impact neighboring communities, nations, and the world. We will strive for that vision with sensitivity to each culture and with a determined respect for human dignity.


Advancing Communities by Educating and Serving (ACES) is a charitable organization dedicated to making the world a better place by supporting sustainable grassroots projects and programs in impoverished communities. We strive to empower individuals and communities for sustainable development.